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Always start the speech with?

Making a Speech
1. Imagine that you are the guest on the  movie’s 100 days function. Prepare the script to make a speech on that day by using the following hints.
Maya Bazar - a great movie - a mythological movie - acted NTR, ANR, SVR and Savithri - not happened - came into the mind - no roles of Pandavas and Kouravas - classical - directed by Pullaiah - produced by Vijaya movies - VFX technology - people chose - 100 years of Indian cinema - a golden jubilee movie.
A pleasant good morning to all the guests on and off the dais. First of all my humble pranam to the Director Sri Pullaiah garu, my next pranam to the producer Nagireddy Chakrapani garu and my last pranam to all stars of the movie. My dear fans of ANR & NTR today it is written in the history of Tollywood because the movie ‘Maya bazar’ created sensational hit by running in 200 theatres. The music of this movie is a great asset for the success. NTR who played the role of Lord Krishna deserves for it and audience received him as a real god. The next credit goes to the pair ANR & Savithri who have given eye feast to the fans and audience. S.V. Ranga Rao who played the role of Ghatotkacha gave stomachful fun with his timely actions. Coming to the play back singers Ghantasala, P. Susila, Leela  and Madhava Peddi Sathyam gave melody songs under the music direction of Ghantasala. The other roles did their best jobs.
The photography with VFX technology was excellent by Marcus Bartley. It is beyond our expectations. The director took each and every step not to confuse the audience with his jimmics. Really this drama did not happen in Mahabharata just it is a notion got by the director and put on the paper. All credit goes to him. I hope that this movie will create unbroken records. Congrats to everyone who are a part of it. Thank you very much for             giving me this opportunity.

Tips for making a speech
1. Always start the speech with greetings to the guests. It is a great proud and privilege to share the dais with ............ My humble pranam to .............
2. Get an idea about on what subject you have to deliver.
3. The speech must contain 10 - 12 lines only.
4. All the possible time can be used.
5. Never copy textual passages.
6. Use phrasal verbs, modern expressions, idioms and proverbs as many as possible.
7. Avoid using which is not relevant to the topic.
8. Do not write any title to the topic.

Questions for Practice
1. In the lesson ‘My Childhood’ you read many things about APJ Abdul Kalam who rose to eminence from the very humble beginning.
Imagine that you are called on the National Science Day also the birthday of APJ Abdul Kalam to make a speech on that day. Prepare a script for your speech using the following hints. Kalam born - poor family-father a boat man - lived in Rameswaram-not handsome - cousin Shamsuddin helped - first earnings - made friendship with Brahmin boys - insulted sitting beside a muslim boy - his science liked him and took - for lunch - teachers and friends encouraged - after school education - left Rameswaram for higher studies - became a professor - scientist and President of India.
2. In the lesson ‘Environment’ you read many things about Wangari Mathai how she
educated illiterate women and made them involve protecting the environment.
Imagine that you are forest officer and invited to make a speech on world’s environment day and how Wangari Mathai worked for it. Prepare a script by using the following hints.
Save the forests and save Nation - protect trees - will protect you - responsibility of everyone - irrespective of caste, race and creed - Wangari Mathai an example - heard the basics needs of women - conference in Mexico - drinking water, fodder, building material and firewood - basic needs - taught them how to plant trees - did and earn in their own - avoid political involvement - also taught civics - north Africa and south Africa followed- honoured with Nobel Prize.
3. In the lesson ‘I Will Do It’ you read many things about Narayana Murthy the director of Infosys.
Imagine that you are invited as Chief Guest to launch a new program in Infosys. There you have to make a speech. Prepare a script by using the following hints.
Feel it - pleasure to be here - share the dais with Murthy sir - a great man never seen - very intelligent since childhood - poor  educated family - when got a seat in IIT - lost it because of extended family - a man of  simplicity - a great philanthropist - believes  powered by intellectual and driven by values.
4. In the lesson ‘A Tribute’ you read many things about the great artist ‘Savithri’ and her achievements as a film star.
Imagine you are a veteran director and directed many of her films. You have to make a speech on her coming birthday. Prepare a script for your speech using the following hints.
Savithri - a prestigious artist - at the age of 12 got a chance - dropped due to - tender age - L.V. Prasad introduced - Devadasu brought - name and fame - captured audience - Amithab - praised her talents - involved in roles - awarded ‘Mahanati’ - received  president award - versatility lives forever.
5. In the lesson ‘Unity in Diversity in India’ you read many things about India.
Imagine you are the secretary of English language club. You have to make a speech on coming Independence Day. Prepare a script for your speech using the following hints.
India - many ethnic groups - several  religions, secs and groups - different cultures - 150 dialects - two recognized regional languages - spiritual wisdom - universal brotherhood - fear of God - classical music and dances - young generation to uphold - cultural torch - follow and imitate - not by the superficial prosperity.
Preparing ‘WH’ Questions
1. Read the following passage carefully focusing on the underlined parts.
A woman was visiting Hyderabad for the first time. She wanted to see the Charminar. Unfortunately, she could not find it, so she asked a police officer for directions. 'Excuse me officer, how do I get to the Charminar'? The officer replied ‘Wait here at this bus stop for the number 65 bus’. It will take you right there’. She thanked the officer and drove off’. Three hours later the police officer returned to the same area, and sure enough, the woman was still waiting at the same bus stop. The officer got out of his car and said, ‘Excuse me, but to get to the Charminar, I said to wait here for the number 65 bus. That was three hours ago. Why are you still waiting’? The woman replied, ‘Don’t worry, officer, it won’t be long now. The 58th bus just went by’.
Now, frame ‘WH’ questions to get the underlined parts in the passage as answers.
i)  What was the woman visiting for the first time?
ii)  What did the woman want to see?
iii)  What did the woman ask for?
iv)  Where was the woman waiting?
v)  Which bus did  just go by?
2. Read the following passage carefully focusing on the underlined parts.
Maya Bazaar is another film that brought fame to Savithri. She played the role of Sasirekha. Recollecting the 16 - annas Telugu lass clad in parikini, in the song allibilli ammayiki…. Reminds us of the rich Telugu culture of youngsters. In the final part of the film Savithri plays the role of maya (not real) Sasirekha (Ghatotkacha in disguise). She walks in a masculine manner imitating the legendary S.V. Ranga Rao acting as Ghatotkacha in the film to perception.
The theatre rocks with laughter when Lakshmana Kumara (Relangi) is teased by maya Sasirekha. She switches from the feminine to the masculine in the twinkling of an eye and needless to say, a female artiste displaying masculine demon qualities with a club in hand has no parallel.
Now frame ‘WH’ questions to get the underlined parts in the passage as answers. 
i)  What is the name of the movie?
ii)  Which role was played by Savithri?
iii)  What is it that reminds us the Telugu culture?
iv)  Who played the role of Ghatotkacha?
v)  Who is teased by Sasirekha?


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